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Zeebrugge cargo throughput rises by 11 %

In 2010 the total cargo throughput in the port of Zeebrugge grew by 11 per cent to a volume of 49.8 million tons.

All port sectors gained ground.

2010 is marked by a strong rise of the roro traffics and the recovery of the traffic of new cars.



RORO (+30,9%)

In 2010 the roro traffic recovered and grew by 30.9 % in comparison to 2009 to a volume of 12,450,000 tons.

This constitutes a growth of 5.4 % in comparison to crisis year 2008.

Beautiful results were registered by the traffics on the United Kingdom and Ireland (CF Purfleet, CF Killingholme, DFDS Seaways Rosyth, P&O Tilbury and C2C Dublin).

Also the Transfennica service to Bilbao registered a strong growth.

A total of 1,020,000 trucks transited in Zeebrugge.



NEW  CARS (+24,8%)

The traffic of new cars started its recovery in 2010. With a handling volume of 1,605,000 units the traffic rose by 24.8 % in comparison to 2009.

This constitutes still a decrease of 24.5 % in comparison to 2008

The automotive business will probably need 2 to 3 years to set a new record.




The Zeebrugge container traffic rose by 7.4 % to a record volume of 2,500,000 teus.

In 2010 the container business was growing until August, in comparison to 2009. In comparison to 2008 the container volume grew by 25 % (in tons).

In tonnage the Zeebrugge container traffic clocked at 26,500,000 tons. This is a rise of 6.4 % in comparison to 2009.

Especially the services of CMA CGM largely contributed to these results. On 6 December the terminal of CHZ/PSA handled its one millionth teu of the year. A handling record.

As from the second half of the year the growth of the container traffic weakened (discontinuation TNWA/SCX and interruption Maersk Line AE9).




LIQUID  BULK (+0,5 %)

The liquid bulk clocked at 8,030,000 tons. This is an increase of 0.5 % in comparison to 2009 and a rise of 29.5 % in comparison to 2008.

The lng traffic accounted for 4,960,000 tons.

The remaining liquid bulk (bunkering, fruit juices, molasses) amounted to 3,070,000 tons.




The conventional traffic grew by 25.9% to 1,090,000 tons in comparison to 2009 (+ 28.2 % in comparison to 2008).

More wood pulp (from Brazil), timber and potatoes (weekly to Saint Petersburg).



SOLID  BULK (+7 %)

The solid bulk grew by 7 % to 1,710,000 tons. (sand, grint, cereals, fodder, coal).

 (-12,4 % in comparison to 2008)



CRUISES (+7 calls)

In 2010 a record number of cruise vessels called at Zeebrugge. 66 calls in comparison to 59 calls in 2009. (43 in 2008).

In 2010 Zeebrugge welcomed 201,250 cruise passengers, in comparison to 168,204 passengers in 2009. A growth of 19.6%.




In 2010 a total of 281,000 shifts were executed in comparison to 234,786 shifts in 2009. This is a rise of 20 %.

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